Monday, August 24, 2009

Man was that burnt butt cheek worth it!

ALOHA! I’ve officially returned from Mexico! (and no one killed me and my kidneys are still intact)

While I had limited access to email and Facebook, I saved my google reader for today. TEN DAYS WORTH OF BLOG GLORY and I'm TOTALLY PSYCHED TO DEVOUR IT ALL!! I’m giddy clicking on links to see what my inter-peeps have been up to. Mermanda has had some fun stuff going on and ADORABLE E-pics (who wouldn’t eat those two up with a lens?), and a FAB contest FOR GAP JEANS was posted on My Little Reviews. Can I tell you how happy I am that she’s whored herself out to the Gap?

Coming home from vacation is always bitter sweet.

Boo, expired milk for breakfast.

YAY, subway meatball sub for lunch.

YAY, my own bed.

Boo, work.

I arrived at my office today nervous about a big project we had talked about me working on before I left. One which I was TOTALLY capable of doing, but would have been quite the ulcer-inducing mess.

This note was on my desk, hand written on the proposal by my big boss.
Welcome back!

F &*% K it!

Good effort.
It took me a good three minutes to decipher if this was a secret code or if I were reading the note incorrectly. I was impressed by the penned effort to maintain professionalism in the workplace by using the accepted-random-symbol-insertion-technique. I laughed my ass off and then broke out the tequila-filled truffles I snagged in Mexico.

What? you want to hear about my 8 days of Mexican bliss?

All in good time my lovelies, all in good time.


Jennie! said...

If I left my Google Reader unattended for 10 days, it would be OUT OF CONTROL.

What email address do you use for GR? We can share stuff with each other.

Mermanda said...

You are too cute. Now give me a truffle!