Friday, July 31, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #14

Can I tell you how much I love Key Lime Pie? Ooooh last night I had a slice that rocked my socks. Buttery, nutty graham crust with a tangy, tart and slightly sweet middle. OOOh and that dollop of decadent whip on top! MORE! MORE! MORE! Oh right, we’re at a fancy restaurant and not a trashy buffet, no one is wearing a hair net and the desserts don’t jiggle… no free refills. Le Sigh.

Every time I visit my birthday grandpa in Tampa I dream about Key Lime Pie on the plane. Once I’m off, I grab my rental car and drive straight to the Publix market. They TOTALLY have the best Key Lime Pie! It has a thick whipped cream around the edges with ALMOND SLIVERS embedded in it! Oh and it has that kind of tartness that makes your tongue gush and lips pucker. I always buy AN ENTIRE PIE (even though they sell it in halves and by the slice) and tell everyone I bought AN ENTIRE PIE because I want to share it. Although, I don’t really want to share it and I actually get violent when my aunt cuts herself a big ‘ol slice. She lives in Florida! Get off my PIE! She can have this pie WHENEVER! She’s usually drunk, so after she cuts it she forgets about it so I can scoop it up and hand her another glass of wine (out of a cardboard box with a spicket) and all’s well with the world. My pie, goes in my pie hole.

This one time, when I was in high school or something, Burger King even tried to sell Key Lime Pie AND I BOUGHT IT. It was one slice in a box that was shaped like a slice. It had a perforated edge that when you tugged on it, the top of the box flipped up to reveal... P I E! I ate the heck out of that pie, you bet I did. There's no shame in fast food pie.

Isn’t it weird that Key Lime Pie isn’t welcome at Thanksgiving? Like what did the pilgrims have against citrus? I have to settle for blueberry come November, because second to lime pie, blue pie is amazing. I also like how the crispy tops have little winky tear drops cut out where the gooey blueberry fill peaks out to say hello.

This blog was brought to you by our friends at... all blogs should be about PIE! I made that up, but seriously, pie is DE-LISH-ISH!


ohioana said...

Now I want some Key Lime pie. You want to come over for dinner sometime soon, and I'll make one for dessert? If it sucks, we can always run up to Coldstone for an ice cream. If it's good, well, we'll all be happy then!

Tam said...

Yes! I was going to email you this weekend and let you know I'm up for hanging out - well until Amelia comes and then you might be a little busy!

Lauren said...

I gotta say...the best Key Lime Pie i've ever had was in Key West. It was FANTASTIC! But, yeah, Publix has a terrific key lime pie.

Oh, and I still love McDonalds apple pie. Fast food pie is a okay by me.

Tam said...

Lauren - Fast food pie is awesome.
Also, Key West. Figures. I need to go there. Like now.