Thursday, July 30, 2009

If I were a rich man

So Mermanda said “urinal cakes” on my blog yesterday and I seriously had to LOL. Then I tried for about four minutes to imagine what one smells like. I’m not much for smelling toilet drains but I REALLY like the smell of cake. So that could be half good right?

What do you think about going to the movies alone? It’s kind of cool and okay right? I mean, while you’re at the movie, you’re not supposed to be engaging in camaraderie. Remember, because the commercial at the beginning with the talking cup tells you not to talk, text, have a baby, scream, breath or unwrap candy. I actually think the movies would appreciate it MORE if people went alone more often. I am going to start a “Going to the Movies Alone is Cool Club” except we won’t actually meet. We’ll just all go to separate movies and blog about how much fun it was. These are the movies I don't want to see with anyone (except myself) over the next few months...

The Ugly Truth

Time Travelers Wife

Julie & Julia

Tonight is restaurant week. Which means really expensive restaurants that we could never otherwise afford let us coupon clippers indulge in 3-course meals for $20.09 (2009, get it?). We can get dressed up and pretend like we’re are part of the upper class elite society while dining on fillet and washing it down with crème brulee. I’m going dressed as Posh Spice tonight and pray that the waitress doesn’t roll her eyes when she see’s my gnarled, un-manicured nails. We’ll pretend that husband is a real life doctor and balk about how we can’t possibly order a full bottle of wine and probably rather share a glass tonight because he has to get back to the hospital to save lives and cure cancer. AND, AHEM. YES, that is a Kroger Plus Card in my wallet and YES I need a box for this remaining piece of bread and lemon wedge.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I seriosuly cant wait to see all three of those.

Sarah said...

All 3 of those movies are on my list - count me into the club!

Mermanda said...

No one (and by "no one" I mean Andrew) gone to see the Proposal with me. I want to seeeee it. I've gone to see a movie alone but it wasn't voluntary. I was stood up by my date. Boys. I WOULD see a movie alone voluntarily now that I'm so mature and confident, though. Bonus points if Mandy Moore is in the film.

Tam said...

OMG The Proposal is totally on this list too!! **POST EDIT**

yeah like why bother dragging them to a film and then hear the wining and complaining that follows. We're better off to go alone, enjoy it, and not have to hear about it later!

I also heart Mandy Moore, especially in SCRUBS!