Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Britney's converting to Judaism

Lots of people convert to Judaism, so I can't exactly say it's an exclusive club. But I can't imagine a single club, pertaining to anything - let alone religion, that would admit BSpears. Perhaps Narcotics Anonymous, but that's more of a group and a club.

Andy Borowitz wrote a hilarious piece in the New Yorker about Brit's new found quest to join the tribe and documenting it all in her Shalom, diary.

You don’t have to call Jewish people “Jewish people.” It turns out they don’t mind being called plain old “Jews.” LOL.

...I think dating a Jew makes you partly Jewish, and the hotter the Jew the more points. Dating Jason wins me two points (tho I would get way more if I was dating that über-hot Jew in Maroon 5). Dating someone you met on JDate and basically just settled for gets you no points. (Snap!!!)

...Jews aren’t supposed to answer the doorbell on Saturdays.” And I’m like, “Hello, isn’t that the Amish?” He seriously needs to check his facts!!! Anyway, I’m donezo with this whole Jewish thing.

I can't take this seriously, so I'm going to pretend it's not happening. I can't wait until John Stewart gets a hold of this one...

ha! remember when my obnoxious cousin thought I was Mormon or a member of the Jackson family?

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