Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh buggar!

If I could have one superpower it would be to speed read and although my husband has tried at length to persuade me with notions of prehensile tails and invisibility capes (oh and the FLYING) my desire for magical reading powers is never stronger than the moment I step foot in a bookstore. I want to read EVERYTHING that sparks my interest and I want to read it NOW preferably IN FIVE MINUTES OR LESS. Shit, if I could speed read I might even scan a few of Hairy’s Potter or figure out what the Lord did with his rings.

BUT, alas, I am NOT a speed reader (yet), so I limit my reading to things I enjoy (hence why the GRE books are stacked up on my desk collecting dust). My friend Jennie and the rest of her Collective broaden their horizons with high school required reading lists (ew!) and should they ever be chosen for Jeopardy, that time may prove worthwhile. I, on the other hand, refuse to make my eyes bleed with insufferable blabber and boredom and instead refresh them with gossip magazines and fictional chick lit – trashy British novels strike my particular fancy. I like to read about the bloody bastard who shagged your best girlfriend or the hot lad called Ethan from the petrol station who you wanted to stuff in your boot and drive off with. I want to go on holiday and have tea and biscuits with my lovelies every day at 3pm. I want to sit in my flat with my posh job and designer wardrobe and watch the day go by. This is what I want to read about.

One of my *favorite* authors, Jane Green, is releasing a new book. I’m two books behind in her series (I am a Slak-a-lak-ah) but I've read everything else and I always get excited about her new stuff. I plan on bringing Second Chance and Beach House paperbacks to Mexico with me and I’m partial to paperbacks so I’ll wait for the Dune Road floppy. Interestingly, all of her books have different US/UK titles. Dune Road is titled Girl Friday for the UK release.

Do you know what a Girl Friday is?

Wikipedia (the source for all things truth) says this:

Girl Friday is used to describe an especially faithful female servant. It is also used to describe a girl or woman who is employed in an office to do several different jobs, helping other people.

I’ve decided that if I can’t have a superpower – I’d AT LEAST like a Girl Friday. As you know my current help is nothing of the sort.

Mostly so we can sit around in our flat drinking tea and talking about all the insufferable arses we’ve shagged!


Heidi said...

I also love trashy chic-lit. I'm glad you're bringing those books as I only have one or two Jane Green books.

Jennie! said...

You guys, Pride & Prejudice is like chick lit's great-grandmother or something. Bridget Jones's Diary was based on Pride & Prejudice and that is why it's the best chick lit ever.

The end.

Tam said...

Defending it only makes you sound nerdier - if that's possible.

Jennie! said...

I'm OK with that.