Friday, June 19, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #9

Friday? Exactly.

It's been a long time since I've bombarded the internets with products I heart. Too long in fact. This morning when I was in the shower all rub-a-dub-dubbing I was thinking about how much I want to hug my body wash. Never have I felt so connected to a creamy gel. My shower puff longs for it and when I squeeze a dime sized (no more!) amount onto it’s netted baffles I swear it says, “Ahh..”

Last month Heidi and I were shopping in the Victoria of Secret and I was blindsided by the new “Natural” skincare line with its fancy words and packaging. Honeysuckle & White Patchouli Balancing Body Wash – what a de-LISHISH name! Natural? Balanced? Yes please.

I took it home and slid over my tried-and-true to make way for another natural. During yoga the next day my chest and arms were itching. Itching? WTF? I thought perhaps my detergent or mat were irritating me and skipped out on Aveeno another day. Again. Dry, tight and itchy skin.

It finally dawned on me that cheating on my body wash was wrong. Very wrong. There are times when new is better, but not today. I have since banished “Naturally Balanced HoneySUCK and itchy” to the closet. Within one day of make-up washing – me and my beloved Aveeno are right back where we were.

Creamy Bliss.

Tell me, what products are you hugging lately?

(Aveeno Coupons!)


ohioana said...

Dr. S, our beloved pediatrician, loves Aveeno products, hates J&J. Zoe got switched to Aveeno at some point, and we never looked back till we switched again to regular soap. (Dove, which was recommended to me by a dermatologist when I had hives.)

Anonymous said...

I love you for posting those coupons. I heart Aveeno as well. I slather myself up from head to toe with the fragrance free daily moisturizing lotion. It is yummy.

Tam said...

welcome Ashley! I love that it doesn't smell like anything but, well, clean body. Should that be a scent?