Friday, June 19, 2009

My Family Ties were Saved by the Bell

Last night, I dreamt (drempt? dreamed?) that I had dinner at a 50’s diner with Michael J. Fox and Mario Lopez was our waiter. When he finally approached the table for our drink order, I brazenly asked that he work shirtless. Being the subordinate employee that he was, he obliged.

Best part of my dream - I was too busy gushing over Michael J. Fox (current MJF, older, wiser, sexier!) to even notice Mario’s glistening biceps. We were sitting across the table from each other talking and this was the closest thing to a sex dream I’ve had in a long while. I was completely smitten with him, his laugh, his boyish eyes, and mostly the fact that I just might be taller than he is. Swoon indeed.

This lustful dream was better than a romp in the hay with a white Bengal tiger (it was good, I swear)– or the one where I shagged Donald Trump in a broke-down fraternity house.

Also, the prequel to my lovely date dream had me back in my high school where I re-joined the cheerleading squad (GOOOOO Tigers!) Somehow my skirt fit, and I still wanted to punch most of the other girls in the face.

I need to stop whatever I’m doing before bed. I can’t risk being stuck in this Donald Trump-80’s TV-tiger sex triangle wearing nothing but a purple cheerleading skirt.

Or can I?



me said...

I LOVE Michael J Fox. Good choice!

Mermanda said...

I hope he was the picture of health in your dream. Love him too.