Thursday, June 11, 2009


Lately, during the same week of every month, my brain tells my body to BAKE

My thighs says "No"

But my brain says, "cookies"

My (fem)gut says, "stop"

But my brain says, "cupcakes"

My arm jiggle says, "please don't"

But my brain says, "lemon bars"

My chin(s) say, "ruh-row"

because today, well, today my brain said...


and my body listened.

The yin of crispy sweet coconut, to the yang of melty toasty marshmallow

and then my brain said this



Jennie! said...

I am at that week of the month right now. It's HELL. HELLLLLL!!

ohioana said...

Looks delicious. Everyday, I resist the urge to bake, but I do melt a little butter, add sugar and chocolate and eat a really thick version of chocolate milk. Zoe asks for it now. Not good. Not good at all!

Tam said...

E, pregnant people do the weirdest stuff. You are proof of that.

ohioana said...

I actually learned that trick in high school, years and years before I got knocked up. I just feel justified snacking like that now that I'm supposed to gain weight.