Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photography Class!

Remember how I have an *amazing* husband who got me a SLR camera for my birthday? Well our classes are in full swing and each week our assignment is to take pictures and upload them to a shared site where they can be critiqued (yikes!) The instructor and class can comment on what went right and what went wrong and how to make the picture better. Learning curves aren't much fun - I wish I could just click my fabulous red wedges together and already know how to use the camera and which setting will work best for each shot. But, alas, I need to dig down deep for some patience and keep plugging away. Speed reading would come in handy here, am I right?

I like to take pictures of things up close, so husband says we might need to find me a better lens for that. I want to take stylish pictures of things like nail polish bottles (thanks to Dooce(R)!) and I do believe my husband thinks I've lost my marbles.

Here are our pictures for this week.

A fuzzy little caterpillar that we found hanging out on a day lily last night

This annual bulb is almost done - but I snapped a picture just in time

This tree was replanted by husband and my dad last fall - they pulled it out of the backyard with a truck (after yanking on it for damn near two hours) and it's just starting to show signs of life.

And this is what Heidi and I found when we tried to grill out last week. Two days + closed grill = 4 blue eggs (and one GINORMOUS nest)

I think you get the picture :)


Mermanda said...

That nest is outta control! Looks like someone's having grilled eggs for dinner!

Jennie! said...

Holy shit, that nest is even bigger than I was picturing!