Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am a lunch superstar

Getting to the gym has been a bother as of late. I pack my bag at 8am with full-hearted (and thighs) intentions of exercising post-work. As my bag sits in the car and I sit (wasting away) in my cubical the enthusiasm for cardiovascular fitness is painfully sucked out of me like a triple thick shake through a coffee straw, until 5pm rolls around and I promptly declare OUT-LOUD,

"I'm just not feelin' it today"

And then proceed to drive home and eat bad food/sit on the couch/snuggle my husband/watch trashy TV/ search the internets/bake cupcakes/ write on Facebook's wallpaper/ do anything in my power to resist burning calories

Last year my underlying motivation was a reoccurring nightmare that come July 4th my back fat would squeeze through the zipper of my wedding dress like a sumo wrestler in a bikini contest. Thankfully, I kept the back fat at bay. Now, the most magical day of my entire life is over and some thigh cheese has crashed my life party leaving me with not a shred of motivation to fight the evil caloric forces.

Until I say OUT-LOUD,

"I want to wear a bikini in August"

And then I promptly went CYCLING ON MY LUNCH HOUR!!

I have chosen to overlook the high pitched *shrill* of the instructor and the fact that my buttcrack is a shimmery river of salty goodness right now - because I'm lady gaga over the fact that I exercised my right to a one hour lunch. Now please excuse me while I eat my tuna salad.

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