Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Which one of these couples would you trust with your life?

My (early) birthday STILL has me feeling giddy (a near record for residual good-moodedness) and I still get to look forward to my actual birthday on Friday. AND we had yummy Chinese food for dinner last night so that definitely helped because the lack-luster Ohio weather isn't.

Have you heard the new Soulja Boy song "Kiss Me Through The Phone"

Baby I know that you like me, you could be my wifey
You can be my Bonnie, I can be your Clyde
Six, seven, eight, triple, nine, eight, two, one, two

I heart this song, it is my jam. But I'm forced to wonder, why does he give out a phone number? How many people do you think have called that number by now? I want to kiss my husband through the phone *all the time* so now I can sing about it.

To complete the random circle that is this post, our friends Kj and B are getting married in a little over three weeks! B and husband have been friends since like forever, I actually think they used to take baths together... so that's probably why husband is in the wedding (which is awesome because he looks HOT in a tux *swoon*). PLUS, the wedding will be my first trip to Minnes-OH-TAH! I think Eskimos live there, so I'll tell you if I see one!

They just got their engagement photos back and I think the pictures make them look very hot, successful and intimidating. Type A power couple. Kind of like, "Yeah, we're in love, but don't even think about fucking with us because we cut people for a living." CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!

Meanwhile, our pictures gave off this impression: "Dur, uh, it might be romantical if we did that thing where I kiss you in the eye..." In addition to comments that we looked like we were shooting a Viagra commercial. Type A? possible. Power Couple? laughable.

Speaking of weddings, tonight after Yoga I am meeting with our photographer to approve our wedding album (286 days later--totally my fault) Then we're going to grab a beer, because we're tight like that. I'm also going to show off my new camera - maybe she can give me some hot tips!


KJ said...

Awww! You're hilarious. Thanks!

You should know that before our shot Brandon was all, "I wanna look all happy and in love like T&J did." Because you did. And you do.

And I CAN'T WAIT to see you so soon! (Nevermind that I could actually use a few more weeks between now and then to finish things...um...yeah.)

Jennie! said...

Mmm, chinese food.