Monday, March 9, 2009

Woman aquitted in homicide related to green bin

Remember last year when I told you that awesome story about how SOMEONE STOLE OUR RECYCLING BIN?

They did it again this morning.

You know how I get a teensie bit homicidal around a certain time of the month?

This is that time.

My recycling bin is kind of a big deal and anyone who thinks calling for an Amber Alert is a little overboard, is not my true friend.

There. I said it.


ohioana said...

Before you start killing people, I'd like to know if you have any idea who took your recycling bin. Why would they steal an item so easy to get for yourself, for free from the garbage company?

Tam said...

read my previous post, we suspect the jew next door. I KNOW! STEALING FREE BINS IS WRONG (in so many ways)

Heidi said...

Sorry, I just really needed a recycling bin. :-(

Just kidding but if you need help killing the people next door, just let me know.

Mermanda said...

Someone stole my bin a few months ago. And my Obama sign. Monsters.