Monday, March 30, 2009

We all squweem for I-quweem

I am a horrible person.

I went to Meijer over my lunch hour b/c my husband said they have 24-pack soda 2 for $10 (which they didn’t!) and there were three little girls eating huge ice cream cones in the ethnic foods aisle (finding matzo suitable for Passover is impossible here.) THEN, there was this little curly haired blonde girl about two years old riding in a cart while saying “Mommy, all doze gwirlz has i-quweem, they have i-quweem!” and THEN I watched her mom push her over to the ice cream counter and let her pick from the delicious flavors in the case. THEN, after I had made my way calorie-free out the door, all I could think about was how much I wanted an i-quweem too – so THEN, my car drove me next door to Sonic and ordered me a small soft serve cone.

So on my lunch hour I had a hamburger from Wendy's, did NOT find soda on sale, and was peer pressured by a horde of preschoolers into consuming entirely too much sugar on a sunny spring day.

I think I am okay with this and if not, I'll blame my husband for sending me to Meijer.


ohioana said...

Children cause over eating. That's why moms are fat!

Jennie! said...

Well, I had cheesecake for breakfast yesterday. So I think you're OK.