Thursday, February 12, 2009

VD Rules!

Remember last year I was in the cranky funk around Valentine's day? No?

Remember when I almost decapitated SEVERAL department store employees with a twizzler?

Remember how our heater broke and we froze our b-holes off?

And that same night I had the balloon dream?

I've forgotten all that even if you haven't. Geesh!

I have good expectations for this year's Valentine's Day. I've helped wage a war on the retail sector of our society by supporting local vendors - spread the February people, SPREAD IT! (I so cannot wait to show you what I got husband for V-Day) Our heater is fine [knock on wood desk] and I'm not planning a wedding [thankstothegoodness]. Yes, this will be a fine day filled with red and pink thoughts, love and husbands. Just one husband, mine. You know how I know?

Because, I sent him this card yesterday.

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Jennie! said...

I LOVE those cards.