Friday, February 13, 2009

My Favorite Things - Holiday Edition

I bet you are all so excited that tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I am too - mostly because I get to sleep in with my hubby! YAY!

Valentine's Day is actually my fifth favorite holiday* 1) Halloween 2) Passover, 3) Cinco de Mayo, 4) St. Patrick's Day and THEN, VD. But that ranking order is always subject to change in any given year and I probably need to add my anniversary to that list this year as well. [*note I am not counting my birthday as a holiday, although it would be #1 if I were]

Here's some fun things for Valentine's Day from *me* to *you*

This button key chain that I bought on Etsy last year.
(note: the seller is Canadian and a total doll!)

These Valentine cards that Kate Spade has on her website

This website where you pawn all of the gifts from your EX (good find Mermanda!)

An if you're SINGLE (put a ring on it!), Obama's speech writer has got it GOIN'ON

Oh, and head over to Le Love and I promise your heart will smile!

And for all of you VD scrooges out there... candy goes on sale this Sunday. Buy some.

(I'll show you what I got husband from Etsy next week - can't ruin the surprise...)

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