Thursday, February 5, 2009

put 'em in the oven for hubby and ME!

We gave in. He gave in. He went to the grocery alone and came back with fake 'n bake cookies. Then we went together (because I forgot something) and had this exchange in the baking aisle:

Scene: Gorgeously attractive married couple arrive in the baking aisle at local grocery. Wife has on jeans and husband is dressed in flannel pajama bottoms because the wife blogged about him wrinkling his work pants a few days ago.

[husband s-l-o-w-l-y walks past dark chocolate brownie mix]

Husband: *grunts pleasingly* [places brownie mix in his basket]

Someone Else's husband: Now, that's how real men shop. See something you like, pick it up.

Husband: Actually, I was going to go ask my wife if I can have this...

We left the aisle just as 'someone else's husband' began talking on his cell phone:

Someone else's husband: No, hunny, they don't have THAT kind. YES! I'm IN THE RIGHT AISLE!!

hehe. I laughed at both husbands. A lot.

And then we came home and he baked these from scratch. And even though there is nothing natural about swirly, pink-colored chocolate chips, I ate two of them. Oh yes, I did.


ohioana said...

Looks pretty yummy. There's nothing so good as homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Jennie! said...

Those are pretty fancy fake and bake cookies.

Tam said...

I know. Because we're fancy people.