Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What do Wendy's and butt wipes have in common?

Answer: Zack Braff!

Why do I look over from the kitchen when I hear JD's voice yet see nothing but a puppy bouncing around in a butt wipe commercial? Why do I think of 'guy love' when I am watching someone eat a juicy Wendy's hamburger? Apparently, the new season of Scrubs isn't doing as well as we thought.

AND AND Mr. Braff has taken his career to new heights as the VOICE OF WATER in the new PUR campaign ads. The voice of water. (voice? water? Wha? huh?)

Hello, my name is Zack Braff. I have incredibly bouncy hair and appear overly Jewy on film. I'm probably awkward in bed but definitely have excellent taste in music. Oh and did I mention I am the voice of water? Yes. Water. Spokesperson for the H2O - 80% of your body, 100% me. Not to mention those butt wipes would be nothin' without it! Also, Garden State. Watch for it soon on HD DVD and Blu-Ray. And for the record, Mandy Moore and I were never engaged. She dumped me because of my OCD at the same exact moment that I realized she was way out of my league anyway. True. Story.

I heart you Zack but you gotta stop the voice overs. You're screwing with my head!

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Mermanda said...

When I read the words Mandy Moore on a blog my first reaction is to let out a girly squeal. I freaking adore her. ADORE HER! I'm going to marry her and have her babies one day. (Uh... too far?)

P.S. Are you coming to the 20SB meetup in Chicago this summer? You totally should.