Thursday, January 29, 2009

See, people who are productive are rewarded

Yesterday was a snow day. It snowed and as a result I got a paid day off. For once I am happy I live in Ohio because President Obama says they don't have snow days in Chicago.

I was happy I got to sleep in except for when I laid awake from 4am-5am waiting for husband to text me that he safely arrived at the hospital and not in a snowy ditch. THEN I became overwhelmed with guilt for sleeping in while he was at the hospital in his doctor costume pretending to save the free world from MRSA. Actually that's not true. He says the free world already has MRSA and it's not nearly as big of a deal as people make it out to be. But, still, he was working while I was having my snow day. Then I thought of all the times when he was a teacher and the phone would ring and an automated voice would say he didn't have school and he would pump his fists in bed, half asleep, saying "Yesss! Yyyyesss!" Meanwhile I had to drag my b-hole out of bed and drive to my non profit job where I risked my life to make like zero dollars an hour. True Story. So I decided because of the guilt (and because the last time I had off and he didn't, MLK day, I stayed home and beat all of his records on Wii Fit) I would be productive:

I called my mom

I made breakfast

I put on a pot roast for dinner

I hauled a bunch of crapOHla down to the basement

I organized the storage shelves in the basement

I cleaned out the cat box (holy turds!)

I put all of the kitschy wedding gifts we want to give to Goodwill in a pile (huge pile)

I made a tuna salad for lunch

I did 2 hours of work...for work (No, I will not bring my laptop home in case we have a snow day!)

I made lemon custard cakes with a meringue topping - sub Spelda(R)

I did SIX loads of laundry AND folded them

I watched TLC's A Very Duggar Wedding (mostly because I think they are nuts)

I served my husband dinner (hehe, served my husband) and cleaned it up

I ate a delicious lemon custard cup

I organized my closet and dresser drawers

I bagged up the stuff I didn't wear last year for Goodwill

I put all of my summer clothes in a storage bin (finally!)

I showered

I checked my email

I went to bed

AND.. guess what friends? OH MY GOD I called Ann Taylor Loft this morning and the yellow coat is an additional 50% off the clearance price and IT'S ON HOLD WAITING FOR ME TO BUY IT! Holla at THAT! *Squeeeee!*


Jennie! said...

This one time Heidi had MRSA.

Heidi said...

I did, but thanks to WebMD, I cured myself...after I told the doctor I wouldn't leave until he gave me the medicine WebMD said gets rid of MRSA.

Also, congratulations on the yellow coat!

KJ said...

He's right, you know. I'm pretty sure that if I don't carry MRSA by now, I'm doing something wrong.

Mermanda said...

Re: Duggar Wedding

Holy crap are they ever nuts. Nuts is actually the understatement of the year. Can you believe they only held hands during their engagement? Oy. I don't understand.

Tam said...

Oh I am so glad someone else watched the frickin' thing! They are terrible!