Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well that was a trashy welcome, wasn't it?

While on holiday in Colorado we had high hopes of snowshoeing. This was my first trip to CO, and seeing as though I'm an Ohio girl with limited exposure to snow sports (hence why husband (post below) is seen skiing...without me) we figured stepping on powder with big metal duck shoes was more my style. We rented the snow shoes and headed for the mountains. Unfortunately for us, killer winds and below zero temps kept us from getting out of the car (BOO!). I didn’t even get a picture of me in my snow-bunny gear
(you'll have to trust me when I say I looked adorable).

Instead we did some
sightseeing in the mountains!
We stumbled upon this crazy little town called ...

One way in. One way out.
The townspeople don’t like outsiders, so they pile junk at the entrance to the town to deter people from moving to there.

cars, bikes, ski poles, trash, metal,
crap-o-la GALORE!

Rumor has it that Ward has the highest PhD ratio of any city.
50% of its 169 residents have a terminal degree.
I don't need a mile high trash pile to know that
PhD’s are TOTAL kooks!
I’ve already recommended Ward to some of my colleagues :)

This is what Wikipedia says: The town is well-known in the region for its rustic feel as an anti-establishment counterculture mountain community, with residents forming an enclosed community wary of outsiders. The town is likewise often viewed with suspicion and puzzlement even by many citizens of liberal-leaning Boulder


(or just look at my pictures!)

tomorrow... CANDY!

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Mermanda said...

That's about one of the craziest things I've ever heard of! Trash piles to keep away outsiders? Whatever works...