Thursday, January 15, 2009

He mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

So once upon a time on Holiday in Colorado we stumbled upon some candy. Lots and LOTS of CANDY! (Estes, CO)
Where I bought a dark chocolate haystack (think coconut goodness) and two (YES TWO!) of the most
delish ruby red candied apples
(cherry not cinnamon) in united states of Colorado.

Then... here (Estes, CO)
Where I bought a half pound of assorted salt water taffy (think licorice flavor)

Then... here (Boulder**, CO)


I you can't tell from the picture (the you're frickin' blind) this is the awesome of awesomness candy store in the universe of worlds. EVERY candy I've ever eaten or thought about eating in my entire life was in this store - candy cigarettes, taffy, licorice strings, paper buttons, pez, M&Ms, gummied EVERYTHING, sweet, sour, sweet&sours, dark chocolate, white chocolate, sugar babies, snow caps, red fish, blue fish, double bubble,
refined sugar in every form and color!

Did I HAPPEN TO MENTION they had a
MAGNIFICENT gelato counter!
One glance and you salivate in seven different flavors. Behind the bubbled glass were tubs upon tubs of the creamiest, shimmeriest, brightest gelato flavors I have ever seen. Any exotic flavor your can imagine.

Do you know what I ate here?

1 piece of egg nog taffy

1 spoon full of blackberry Cabernet gelato (to.die.for)

but when I got home I ate this.


And.. if you don't believe me WATCH! THIS!
(gelato counter on the left when you walk in)

** p.s Downtown Boulder is so great I wish wish wish I could live there. But then I would be broke from all of the awesome shopping. I wish I could visit there with a lot of money and stay until all of my money ran out and then my wish would be to not have to pay per bag to get on the airplane with all of the everything that I bought in Boulder. If you go there ... call me. I want things.**


Jennie! said...

I want some candy!

Heidi said...

The awesome candy store is just like Dylan's Candy Bar in NYC. It's two floors of nothing but candy. Downstairs is t-shirts with your favorite candy logo screen printed. I also think they had an ice cream thing there. It was heaven. My mom and I spent too much money there...on candy.