Monday, January 26, 2009

I think it's working

Thank you a billion tons for the prayers, I think they're working. My birthday grandpa made it through surgery on Friday and is in the ICU.

I am sorry I don't have much more to report on this Monday afternoon. I didn't see any movies this weekend, I didn't have any funny conversations with my husband (sad face, he was studying) and I went shopping and didn't buy anything (gasp!)

HOWEVER, I did try on this jacket at Ann Taylor LOFT and I looked so sunny and cute in it. I swear it was made for a red-head and have no idea why a drabby blond is modeling it. Wouldn't it be perfect for a spring brunch with the girls or Easter Sunday? Yes. The answer is: yes it would. Now please, Mr. cute sunny jacket, be marked down to $35 so I can justify buying you. I'm incredibly cheap and poor, but mostly cheap. AND I'm not even Christian so if I do wear you on Easter it will be to the Hustler store.

I also bowled a 139 this weekend. All time high for me! Every time I bowl I think to myself, "This really is fun, why don't we do it more?" but then I realized I have the same conversation with myself every time I ice skate, hike, play Catch Phrase, eat cupcakes and have sex.

Time. The answer is time. I might ask for that for my birthday, the time to do all of the above. Oh, and the yellow jacket :)


Jennie! said...

Did you just compare having sex to bowling?

Tam said...

Well I guess. They all go in the "things that are fun but am usually to tired to do them" category....I'm married, remember?

Jennie! said...

Oh riiiiiiiiight. I'm glad your birthday grandpa is doing OK.

ohioana said...

Hey, glad to hear your grandpa is on the upswing!