Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'll save this and show it to my kid one day

I read outside at lunch again today. Some guy was napping in my usual spot, and naturally I wanted to punch him in the face. Another lady was laying in my second choice, so I picked a new place under a tree. Lots of ants crawled on me today and it was hot, even in the shade. I was telling Heidi that this would be the perfect day to go to the pool. I’m *wishing* I was at the pool.

Yesterday, I came in from lunch and my head was itchy. I reached up and felt a bug on my head. I did the usual freak-out-and-flop-your-head-around-with-flailing-hands dance but, no bug. I thought it may have been my imagination and then I looked down on the sleeve of my cardigan to see a huge beetle. EWW! I slapped it off and stepped on it. Outside is so nice, why must we share it with bugs?

I called my mom last night to ask her where my tea set is. She laughed and said she has it packed away for me with my Barbies and My Little Ponies. The last time I remembered a special childhood item, she had thrown it away. A few months ago I called her and it went like this:

Me: Hi mom!
Mom: Hi girz, how are you?
Me: You know when I was a little girl and I had that white painted desk?
Mom: Yes, I remember when you were a little girl and the desk.
Me: Where are all of the things that were on the desk, like on the top shelf?
Mom: Like what?
Me: I kept all of my treasures up there [kitschy stuff] like the cement imprints of my teeth, those little glass turtles that came in the Red Rose Tea boxes, that ABC planter from when I was born, and some rocks and the first gift I ever got from a boy.
Mom: What gift? That upside down glass bear figurine that was hugging a heart?
Me: YES! A boy called Jonathan gave that to me in the third grade, remember? You brought cupcakes for my party and he put it on my desk while I was handing them out to the class.
Mom: Tam, I threw all that shit away.
Me: What! Why didn’t you ask me if I wanted any of it?
Mom: Because it was junky, I saved all of the good stuff.
Me: But I wanted to show my kids the first gift I ever got from a boy!
Mom: Well you have a great memory; you’ll have to just tell them about it.

Me: Hi mom!
Mom: Hi girz!
Me: So I have been thinking about the stuff in my room again…
Mom: The shit I threw out?
Me: No, other stuff. I was wondering where my glass tea set is. Did you throw that out too?
Mom: No, that is all packed away in the attic with the barbies and the golden books.
Me: Are you sure?
Mom: Yes I am positive. Why are you thinking about the tea set?
Me: Oh I am reading a book about a girl who was abused as a child.
Mom: …um and that made you think of your own childhood?
Me: nope, just the tea set. Remember when I made chapstick tea?
Mom: Yes, you did that.
Me: Remember when we put chapstick water in the plastic army canteen?
Mom: Yes, I really didn’t like it when you kids did that, you’re lucky you didn’t get sick. That’s why I told you to only use water.
Me: Heidi wants to try some of my famous chapstick tea. I gotta go, but I’ll see you for your birthday on Sunday.
Mom: love you girz…


Jennie! said...

I think my mom threw away all of my My Little Ponies. I was very sad.

Tam said...

you can play with mine.

Heidi said...

My mom packed my stuff up too! Aww. Also, why does your mom call you girz?

Tam said...

I have no idea. My brother had speach impediment when he was little and that was how he said "girls" and thats just what my mom calls me.

Network Geek said...

Does Red Rose Tea still do that with the animals? 'Cause I totally remember that!

Tam said...

network: YES! I was thinking of starting my collection back up but I have a caffiene sensitivity...