Friday, January 16, 2009

My Favorite Things - Edition #6

This might just be my third favorite thing in the whole world if you count my husband and my cat... MY BIRTHDAY!

My birthday is the best day of the entire year
(except for last year when my wedding trumped it)

My husband always makes a big huge deal out of my birthday which I totally love (I know, I've told you this a bazzillion times before. )

BUT! On Wednesday a package arrived at our house. Husband was NOT happy that it arrived when I was home. I think it is my birthday package.

Him: I am so pissed that box came today, you weren't supposed to be home.
Me: I know. I should probably open it up.
Him: You had better not! You have to pinkie swear not to open it.
Me: I simply cannot agree to that.
Him: Your birthday isn't for like 100 days!
Me: I HATE January.. because my birthday isn't for like 100 days!
Him: February?
Me: Hate it.
Him: May?
Me: I hate that month too because by then my birthday is OVER.
Him: If you don't pinkie swear I will make you watch live TV.

(after watching live TV for five minutes)
Me: FINE. I pinkie swear.

...and so I sealed my fate when I pinkie swore away any chance of me finding that box, looking inside at my fabulous present and then finding some brown tape to wrap it back up.

Instead I told husband that I am going to ask him 3 questions about my present every day for the next 100 days (actually its 92 days). (He's not happy about this either)

So far I know that:
You can't eat it
You might be able to wear it
You might be able to play with it

Thank you. Captain. Ambiguous.

I was hoping it was a Rolex or a trip to Vegas. I shook the box and it's probably not that, but I'll keep you posted (for the next 92 days).


Jennie! said...

What if Heidi or I look at it and tell you what it is?

Tam said...

You'll need to find it first... that and some clearish brown tape to box it back up to perfection.

Mermanda said...

Give me your hubby's email address and I'll get to the bottom of this. :) (Can you tell I can't stand the suspense?)