Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kissing more is NOT a problem for me

My class was pretty lame last night and should be manageable except for that the instructor (who looks nothing like a statistician and everything like a man in the trenches of a mid life crisis who’s trying entirely too hard to look cool) wants us to use this software program I frikin' hate to analyze our data. When husband and I were in grad school we “used” the same program, I say “used” because I mostly “used” his answers to complete the assignments – pretty much everyone did. That’ So this resolution is going to be a toughie! Wish me luck people.

Speaking of my husband, last night after he told me a tale from the diaries of his surgical rotation about a guy who had a giant needle-containing probe shoved up his well-dilated sphincter, he told me he wants to kiss more (kiss ME more, in case you were confused by the mental picture). THEN he told me about how during the procedure all of the surgeons told him never to have kids because your life is ruined never the same. Great.

To you, Mr. Butthole-needle surgeons, I say, “SHUT. UP.”

Glamour’s MARRIED JAKE wrote an article about how he secretly loves being married to his wife, Orange Blossom and THEY are having a baby. Mathew McConaughy even had one !

This proves that men can come around. And, according to second grade ideology, when it comes to girls, boys and bees, kissing more is the first base step. I think he’s coming around. Don’t you?

Reese and Jake smooching court side!

Bubble Bath Kisses from Le Love (get me a claw foot tub!)


KJ said...

Surgeons are not allowed to have opinions about things other than surgery.

ohioana said...

Um, having a baby does Change Your Life Forever. It only ruins it for about a year and a half though (really only a year provided your pregnancy doesn't suck ass.) After that, it gets really fun because they start playing with dirt!

Heidi said...

Also, I think I would kiss Jake court side too! Actually, I would kiss him anywhere!