Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm BZZURK. Busy at Wurk.

My annual meeting for work is tomorrow so I am super busy today (Whoah? huh? what? job?). My dear birthday grandpa is still in the hospital so I have no news to report. I do report that I am PMSing *hard* today and almost told my coworker to shove a projector up his hee-haw, "No, sir, I don't know how to work your technologies, but I might just kill you with a blunt mitten if you don't exit my cubical."

I LOL'ed yesterday when my Ms. Magazine arrived in the mail. The cover is priceless and he stole my T-shirt!!

If you're bored and since I have no ideas how to use google reader or twitty... check these:

Obama!... the musical?

“Thank God. Has Cheney’s wheelchair left the building, too?”

Oscars were announced! (vote for Slumdog!)

My crazy friend A had her baby and named him Soren. (I see weggies and social isolation in his future.)

You can still register to WIN!

Oh, and join me in one of my New Year's Resolutions by doing THIS!

Also, the Jonas Brothers surprised the Obama girls by jumping out of a closet...IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!


Mermanda said...

Best magazine cover. Ever.

ohioana said...

I love how you still have time to blog even when you're *super busy* at work. It's part of why I love you.

Jennie! said...

I will show you how to use Google Reader. It is so easy and it's AMAZING.