Monday, June 9, 2008

I pick my nose and my friends and I pick winners!

Yesterday was my bridal shower, and as far as showers go – this was a mildly clean one. It was thrown by one of my good friends “A” from grad school [also my BM] although she had help from my mother and my thesis advisor [who totally rocks, FI and I met in her class at OSU]. “A” is certifiably nuts, and has been since I’ve known her. She epitomizes the idea that you can be friends with people regardless of their quirks. [I write this blog in jest with utmost respect, she doesn’t read it anyway – blogging is frivolous you know!] “A” and I have the same degree, she works in emergency preparedness. She plans frantically for shit that will probably never happen. Perfect job for her! “A” is Monica Geller and my tea party shower, where everyone was instructed to wear hats and party attire – was thrown in classic Monica style.

I was actually quite tickled that everyone wore a hat [except “A” of course!] I was late [of course!] and I think she called my cell fifty times between 1:59 and 2:15 when I arrived.

She started the shower instructing everyone to sit down. Then instructed everyone to tell their name and how they knew me.

A: Okay, great, now everyone will go to the counter and order a drink

They did as instructed and sat back down while she carried around a tray of pastries [telling everyone that they could only choose one]. Time for games! The first game was to use the letters in my last name and FI’s last name, to spell as many words as possible.

A: Okay, [explains the game], now you will have six minutes to complete this game. Some of you will have to use your own pens because I do not have a pen for everyone. Go.
[slight chatter]
A: No cheating.[which translates to 'no talking']

I suck at boggle and I can’t spell worth a shit, so I wrote down four words and quit. My friend Jenni who is a freak of nature got like 24 words and won a bottle of lotion. Next game:

A: Everyone will write down your favorite memory of T and FI on this card and pass it to me. She will guess who wrote each card and then open that person’s present.
My aunt: Can we just write down a memory of T?
A: No. A memory of T and FI.
[I think my aunt was sad, she saw me more as a little girl, and went ahead and wrote down a memory of me instead]

Lets just say the rest of the party went off without a hitch – memories were read, I got presents [most of which I am expected to bake with I guess],and “A” concluded the shower, “Thank you for coming, you may now pick up your parting gift and exit the shower.”

I did save the memory cards especially since one of them said:
The time T and FI almost fell out of their chairs laughing at a video on fetal alcohol syndrome

Overall it was a special day, I am going to post a picture tonight.

Oh and did I forget mention that in the middle of the party my mom dropped the F-bomb? Yeah she totally did and the whole table almost lost their hats! [these are the moments you wish you had a camera for] So I guess between the f-bomb and the slutty ass outfit Jennie got me, my shower was actually kinda dirty… just how I like them :)


Jennie! said...

I was happy to help you dirty up your shower. Bow chicka bow wow!

Jennie! said...

PS: If I'd had more than 6 minutes, I could have filled up that whole page. I spend a lot of time at work playing Scrabble, is what I'm saying.