Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I hate this month right now. Heidi's grandpa got pneumonia and bad news about his cancer, husband's grandpa fell walking the dog and turned his face into hamburger, and yesterday my beloved *birthday* grandpa lost consciousness and is in the hospital (in Florida) with a blocked carotid artery. My grandpa's birthday is in 86 days (sound familiar?) and he will be 91, although for some reason he is lying and telling people he's 92!?

Apparently the hospital had to call my aunt to double check if he was really 90, since he's otherwise in really good shape and looks much younger. Did I mention on his 90th birthday he splashed around in the pool drinking tequila shots, ate pizza and then went bowling? Right. All 90 year-old men do that.

Husband and I have five VERY old grandparents (three over 90!) and it's so hard to see them get older. Husband's dad says we should be thankful for all the time we've had with them and be lucky we are not watching our grandparents lay lifeless in a bed drooling on themselves... thanks for that.

Please pray for my birthday grandpa. Pray even if you aren't the praying type. You can just say to yourself, "I hope Tam's grandpa makes it through." And if there really is a G-d he will hear you and think that although you didn't use all of the official prayer words, he'll try his best.

He is my most favorite grandpa and I am just not ready to let him go quite yet. Okay?

(My grandparents wedding picture. Circa: long long ago.)


Jennie! said...

Oh no! I'm sorry. I'm praying for him and hoping he's better soon.

Mermanda said...

Definitely in my prayers...