Monday, December 15, 2008

Are you afraid of the dark?

Husband is in his surgery rotation so there are nights that I sleep alone. I lived alone in college and much of grad school with no problems what so ever. I actually enjoyed the quiet and the fact that no one could tell me not to watch trashy movies on Lifetime because they are fake and the actors are terrible. But not now. Somehow sleeping snuggled with my husband for so many years has left me with empty bed syndrom. Futhermore, I’m convinced someone is going to break in and brutally kill me. The thought of sleeping alone makes my heart pound. I’ve told you before that I’m nuts but with this, my neurosis has escalated. A few weeks ago, Heidi told me about a rapist on the loose in Columbus (thanks Heidi!) and then I watched a show about killers one night. Last week I had terrible panic attack one night waking up every hour gasping and sitting straight up in bed. When husband finally did get home around 1am he said I sat straight up in bed and looked at him scared out of my mind.

Husband: I thought you were going to scream your head off.
Me: Did I?
Husband: No, you just asked me why I was naked.
Me: That’s weird, why would I say that?
Husband: Probably because I was.

Now when I know I have to sleep alone, I am going to try to bribe my friends with pizza and wine with hopes of a pajama party. This week, I have to make my house sound more fun than Christmas lights at the zoo. Zoo, smelly. My house, fragrant. Zoo, cold. My house, warm. See? After all, I need someone to call 9-1-1 when the assailant tries to attack me. (but let’s not mention any dates, the killers might read my blog too!)


KJ said...

I feel ya. Sleeping alone when you are no longer used to sleeping alone sucks. How many days until surgery is over?

Jennie! said...

Heidi told me that story too. I don't like thinking about it because I start to hyperventilate a little bit and OH MY GOD I'M HOME ALONE RIGHT NOW.

Tam said...

Lots and Lots of days. He's half way done....

Heidi said...

See, I was freaking out on my own, so I told you guys the story so I'm not the only one not getting any sleep.