Wednesday, November 12, 2008

You have underestimated me and the element of SUPRAH!

Monday Wednesday Movie [Rental] Reviews
It’s not Monday, but since yesterday was a holiday – it’s kind of like Monday only now we’re half way through the week! I am excited about this weekend because husband and I are going on a Columbus date after work on Friday night. We are going to see Quantum Solace AND AND Role Models. We tried to see Role Models last weekend but by the time we got our butts to the theater after chowing down on some yummy Qdoba cheesy chicken nachos, every prepubescent teen in southwest Ohio had beat us to it. No go. So instead we rented some movies. We actually watched two movies in one night and Heidi only fell asleep for like fifteen minutes. Overall a good night.

Get Smart
This overall was a good movie- definitly recommend renting it! Heidi and husband though it was a little funnier than I did (I guess I’m the one with the ice cold heart this week) but overall enjoyed. My favorite part was the dancing scene and the puking outtakes. Mostly the dancing because a friend of mine from high school, Lindsay, was in it and she always makes me laugh. I liked when she played a super bee-ACH patient on Scrubs and drove Dr. Kelso crazy because she was always on her blackberry.

Nell Goldman: Why am I paying you to tell me things I've already figured out on my own?
Dr. Kelso: Maybe because I graduated first of my class at Stanford in 1972.
Nell Goldman: You graduated 12th in your class in 1968.
Nurse Roberts: She Googled your ass.

Vantage Point
This movie was so-so. It reminded me of a cross between Groundhog Day and that Taye Diggs TV series that was canceled half way through the season. It is about a presidential assassination and the reasons/aftermath. The word “repetitive” came to mind but somehow it held our attention (except when Heidi fell asleep) the good thing was the 90 minute run time and the fact that Sigourney Weaver and her icky acting were only in about five minutes of the movie. Rent if if you have some free time and want to watch something that's depressing.

Casino Royale
This was a good movie from a female perspective but husband on the other hand, thinks this movie is awesome. Daniel Craig is kind of lumpy and I didn’t want to jump his bones (or severely damaged man-parts) after this movie. He is nice to look at, but that’s about it. When will Taye Diggs be recruited for a bond movie? Back to the plot – it was interesting, included great action scenes but was a bit confusing. I think there were about three too many villains in this movie. How many people with eye problems can we find to attack James Bond? I did like how Mr. Bond was somewhat edgy and vulnerable in this flick - less refined. It added the little extra depth that my extra X chromosome craves. I also heart that his girlfriend’s name is Vesper.

I am excited to see the 007 Quantum of Solace on Friday and Role Models if we have a chance. Heidi and I are also trying to see Rachel Getting Married (limited release but lost of Oscar bzzz) sometime soon. Daniel Craig and Anne Hathaway movie marathon! I’ll let you know next week how it all turns out.

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