Friday, November 21, 2008

My Favorite Things Edition - #2

I can't believe it's Friday again, whoopee! I am also so happy I get to share some of the things I heart today.

Monday's are a total snoozer it's the beginning of the week and Friday is nowhere in sight. Husband and I have found something to look forward to on Mondays... BIG BANG THEORY!!
First off, the intro song (by Barenaked Ladies) is a treat. Don't fast forward the TiVo until after the song (much like Scrubs). I started watching BBT last year because Sheldon reminds me of a v-card toting evangelical that I "dated" in college. The show is genius - in that it provides the nerd comedy that makes my heart swoon and it consults physicists and astronomers to provide out of this world facts and equations which add depth to the dialog. Bottom line, I heart nerd love. (AND AND last week Sheldon told Penny he disconnected her Internet so she can't get online talk about things she hearts - check it out below!)

Watch CBS Videos Online

I almost always plan ahead and have all of my holiday shopping done by Thanksgiving. Not.This.Year. Actually, to date, I have only bought two presents (mostly on account of being broke) If you are like me and trying to come up with ideas here are two of my favorite products. One's a save and one's a splurge!

SAVE! St. Ives Mineral Therapy Lotion
Neutral scent - Big Moisture!
Holistic-sounding buzzwords aside, this is a great product. It offers up a thick creamy lotion that goes on smooth, dries quick and lasts all day. One of my favorite winter products! Price Tag $4.99 for 13.5oz! Find it at Wal-Mart or Target.

SPLURGE! Bare Essentials Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish
I went overboard when I started using Bare Essentials (which I also heart!!) and somehow this tube of gloss ended up in my bag regardless of its $18 price tag. The color 'Bianca' is my fav and it has lasted me over SIX months. Find it online or at Sephora. It.Is.Awesome. Just ask my husband!
Me: Sorry babe, I can't kiss you this morning, I already put my lip gloss on.
Husband: It is the kind that makes my lips all shiny and tingly?
Me: Yes...
Husband: Kiss. please.

And last but not least, I heart laughing out loud at my desk like I did this morning when I watched this. January 20th can't come soon enough...

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Oh lord. How did that guy get elected?