Friday, November 14, 2008

My Favorite Things Edition - #1

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens… I’m not much for copper kettles but I do heart mittens. I heart lots of things, including Fridays and I love to talk… so why not talk about things I heart on Fridays?

Santa Clause is coming to town Bath & Body Works
Heidi and I were lured into B&BW by the familiar (and premature) holiday funsies. Towering in beautiful green and red displays were the scents a la season, Vanilla Bean Noel is an absolute favorite and don’t forget Twisted Peppermint. While we were “browsing” I spotted my new favorite thing… scented *shimmer* roll-ons!

When I was five or so, I had these musky mini roll-on perfumes which I would use sparingly in an effort to make them last longer (and then they’d just dried out). That little girl inside of me leapt at the sight of these glittery tubes! The price tag? $5.00!! It’s a small glass wand which you can roll-on and drop in your purse to re-apply when you need more mint and *sparkle*. Perfect for a stocking stuffer or Hannukah gift. I heart this so hard.

**If your screen had scratch 'n sniff capacities you would give me a big sparkly vanilla bear hug right about now**

Are you Sirius?
One of the worst things about Dayton is the lack of culture, jobs, nice weather, democrats RADIO! For five years husband and I were plagued with country stations and static. Finally we came across WYSO(NPR) which we totally heart, but still yearned for the tunes that make ya’ go bum.bum.bum. My work travels filled my ears with honkey tonk and easy listening until we broke down and subscribed to Sirius. Best.Decision.Ever. Then, then, although we encourage free markets and hate monopolies – Sirius bought XM Radio (FINALLY we make the right choice. Unlike our useless HD DVD player (for sale!)) This week’s Sirius updates brought BRAND NEW STATIONS!! Now we can listen to CNN radio, THREE 90’s stations, an 80’s station, a 2000’s station, THREE holiday stations including “Hanukkah Radio” ...too many to name!! I cannot tell you how happy this all makes me. I have programmed the new settings in my car and spend my time flipping through channels going “OMG I love this song!!” then “OMG, I love this song too!”

I am now listening at work too (because my car time just isn't long enough) and yesterday afternoon these were my jams:
Warren G/Nate Dog – Regulators
Coolio – Ganstas Paradise
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations
Divinyls – I Touch Myself
New Kids on The Block - Step by Step

By the end, I wanted to touch myself I was so excited but I’m pretty sure that’s frowned upon in cubical. Then today I almost cried when I saw THIS ARTICLE. I don’t care if insurance companies, Ford and banks go out of business but NOT MY NEW FAVORITE THING!!

I hope these things make you smile. I am trying to remember things each day that make me happy and giddy inside – I think those little fluttery moments are what enjoying life is all about. Speaking of giddy and fluttery...I’m going on a date with my husband tonight and it doesn’t get much better than that. I heart him.

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Heidi said...

If Sirius goes out I swear to God....someone is going to pay.

Friday they updated the stations and all but 2 of my presets were gone. When I called Sirius to yell at the nice man told me that they just were combining XM and Sirius stations. I do heart the new stations. THANK YOU SIRIUS!