Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My gut tells me lots of things

Jennie is commenting away about my lack of blogging [hello, this is the eve of Jewish holy day] so I figured I would add my two sense about Sex in the City – the movie.

Funny story, early on when husband was nothing more to me than an overzealous classmate, he wore a hat one day. This was the only day in the 5+ years that I’ve known him that he's ever worn a baseball hat, possibly the last day. Not only does he look ridiculous in baseball hats – the hat was black and said “Sex in the City” on it in white lettering. I don’t know where he obtained it, or why, but I am now wishing we still had it so I could post a picture on my blog.

So that hat pretty much sums up my exposure to Sex in the City. The only episode of that show that I ever really watched was the one where Charlotte converts to Judaism – apparently this is the only association that gentiles can make with this practice and I needed to see for myself if it offered proper representation. [short answer: Kinda].

Me: Hi friend, I’m converting to Judaism.
Friend: Oh! Like Charlotte on Sex in the City!
Me: umm…

Oddly enough you didn't need to watch the actual show to know that the movie was ghastly. Yet another waste of OVER two hours of my life. Here are some key findings.

  1. These women are entirely too old to think they can pull off sexy, provocative dress or cute
  2. SJP’s mole was so huge that the critic reviews alone lead to it’s removal.
  3. I love black people and I love American Idol cast-offs – but Jennifer Hudson looked like a tootsie roll in a cigarette box.
  4. Did I mention the movie was long?
  5. Finally, the overarching themes of the movies were these
  • If you’re single and over 40 – you might as well be a stinking corpse.
  • Once you find a man, any man, even if he’s a coward or a cheater you should stay with him, go back to him, or settle for him, because there’s nothing better out there. Unless of course you are a narcissistic blond destined to spend the rest of your life with a dog who humps pillows.

The last theme was also shared with the movie The Women and although I enjoyed that movie [especially Meg Ryan’s curly hair and quirky friendships and with the exception of Jada Pinket Smith’s over-acting] the theme was the same. Husband cheats. Wife forgives husband. What kind of message are we sending to today’s women? Is there really THAT big of a shortage of available, reasonable men. Next thing you know there will be a movie about a husband who kills someone and the wife takes him back [well, there was Unfaithful – but he killed her lover so that doesn’t count.] My next movie venture will be entitled: Dump Him and Move On.

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Jennie! said...

I agree with all of this. Except for The Women, because I haven't seen it.

Also, a SATC hat? That made me LOL.