Thursday, September 4, 2008

Myspace or yours?

Sometimes when I am bored at night I do what my husband and I have coined as “dicking” [not to be confused with the other thing my husband and I do together.] So when I’m not looking at theknot, shopping online or checking my email, I “dick” around on myspace or facebook. I used to prefer myspace [mostly because I used it first and I’m abhorrent to change] but after a while I realized more of the people I like are on facebook and myspace is kind of, well, trashy. HOWEVER, my in-laws recently created facebook accounts [Oh no they dinnnn’t] and can see when I am online. They have actually started communicating with me solely through facebook wall posts – this is is a double edged sword in that it represents a cultural leap for their generation and an unacceptable way to ask your new daughter-in-law if she is free next Friday. So although I prefer facebook, my in-laws are stalking me there so I’ve been wasting my life away on myspace instead.

Last night my beloved was on call and Heidi was working so I had to hang out by myself. I decided to take a myspace survey. There are all kinds of surveys, most of them ask the same questions, “do you have a tattoo” “do you love someone” “have you ever been arrested” but I found one that actually had a few interesting questions on it and filled it out. Mind you, some of these surveys have upwards of 87 questions [random numbers mostly because I think people just add stupid questions when they think of them.] I found four or so questions that took some thought, well not as much thought as derivatives but I pondered them a bit.

1. What actress would you like to play you in a movie?
2. What would your life story be titled?
3. What song would be the theme song for your life?
4. What vehicle best represents you?

My answers were not nearly as thoughtful or creative as I wanted them to be but it was late and I gave in.

1. Rachel McAdams with red hair and freckles OR LiLo [in the parent-trap days before she become a hot mess and a lesbian]
2. It's one big adventure and so what if I planned it
3. Life is a Highway [by far my WORST answer]
4. A smart car ;)

What are your answers? Phone in!


kat! said...

Yeah, I just sat here for half an hour trying to come up with answers to these questions. TOO HARD. (twss.)

Tam said...

I know right? WTF Myspace survey!