Friday, August 1, 2008

What a croc!

Who are you to judge, mr. Newsweek writer? I came across an article today where the writer is boycotting crocs. You know, the mushy shoes with the air holes? The writer talks about how he sits with his little boy in a park and bashes people wearing the Swiss cheese shoes. He acknowledges this probably isn’t the best thing to do with an impressionable young man, but he doesn’t apologize for it. Nor does he apologize for his lack of fashion credentials. He also references a website that, the first time I looked at it, made me laugh and fear for my life. The guy who writes that site is certifiably nuts.

Personally I think crocs are cute. Although I did think it was a little nuts when brides on theknot talked abotu outfitting their entire bridal party in them [the croc website has a testimonial site dedicated to these crocaphile brides] I have a pair and I clean the bathroom in them. DH has a pair, actually of fuzzy crocs. I think they look adorable on him and they flop flop flop as he walks. I even bought him jibbitz, or as I call them “croc buttins” he has an OSU one, a Duke one and a medical symbol one. What a smart idea, some genius made a killing by making little rubber figures to fill holey shoes. So in the end Mr. Newsweek writer – why don’t you teach your child to accept people for who they are, crocs and all. And p.s. in the kindergarten sense, dork is a bad word believe it or not.


Heidi said...

I'm glad you and DH just wear them around the house. They are meant for gardening. I'm sorry, but I HATE those shoes.

Tam said...

oh DH wears them EVERYWHERE! If you look at the crocs website they are meant for LOTS of things! Boo Boo croc haters!!