Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sisterhood of the traveling pant suits

I've had some writers blog this week, actually that is not true. Monday and Tuesday were duds but I spent today working on my guest blog for The Collective. Jennie! [of Bax and Heidi] asked me to post in her honor, mostly because she's lazy and slammed at work right now. So, since I've spent all of my creative energy on this 'five worsts' masterpiece, [which you better damn well go read tomorrow] I am left with nothing else than to tell you about my actual life [but not so low as to divulge the contents of my purse].

I finished The Glass Castle today, but decided not to go to the book club meeting, even though I made sure to get the book read in time. One, because I don't want to drive two hours round trip and two because, well, I'm over it. Loved the book, a must read. Actually, I should pretend I'm going to a book club every week and peer pressure myself into reading a book [instead of randomly searching the internets for ways to deal with post-wedding let down]. Just kidding. I do other things too.

I am on to my next book, In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I hope it's good, and even if it sucks - it's pretty short so very little of my life will have been wasted and at the least I have practiced reading.

Reading I think is something people should always list when someone says, on the street or in a job interview or something, "what do you like to do?" or "what do you do in your free time?" or "what is your hobby?" or "what was the last book you read?" At least have SOMETHING, because if you answer Lord of the Flies from 7th grade, they will hit you. In my opinion, it's an answer that sounds firm, yet intriguing. You could always spout off about how you carve your own wooden pens or were asked to be a guest chef at a local cooking school but really, neither of those top the reading answer.

I have also been reading up on the election, because it very much interests me and I think Obama's grass-roots-sleeves-rolled-up-chocolateness is amazing. I have been watching the DNR and love listening to NPR commentary on my way into work. Then when I get here, [instead of doing work] I have the pleasure of reading the editorial banter about who wore what and "oh no he din't." I can also have interesting conversations with my politically-obsessed boss. Like yesterday when I found out that one single person cannot donate more than $2,300 to a campaign [this makes my $30 actually look like a contribution!] And then today, I found out McCain is visiting WSU on Friday where he may announce his running mate. [I am hoping for Lieberman, that way in the unlikely event that he beats Obama and we don't all move to Canada, someone can off him, leaving a somewhat-democratic JEW in the white house. Yes, thank you.] My boss also turned me on to a columnist whose tongue is as sharp as her eyebrow pencil. He said she reminds him of me. I asked if she was tenacious, and he said that her hair was red... and then added that she was incredibly quick-witted. This was the first time I actually liked one of his perceptions of me. Ladies and gentleman, Maureen Dowd.

Oh and P.S Grandpa McCain and his friends are going to make traffic a bitch on Friday morning so watch out!

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Your post is up.

McCain sucks.