Monday, August 18, 2008

Is it the weather or the PMS

I am PMSing so hard this week. I want to tell people they are stupid. I told my boss today he shouldn’t use the phrase ‘I find it prudent’ in a sentence to the general public. He was like ‘why’ and I blurted out “I think that word is ridiculous, and most people won’t know what you are talking about. If you want them to get the point, use a normal word.” He just stared at me and then said, “Thank you for your feedback, I always appreciate it.” As if I had provided him with a nice dose of entertainment. Whatever, he asked me to proof read the letter. He calls me brash and tenacious. The later he uses in sentences that are meant to be compliments, I think. Neither of which are really complimentary, however true they may be.

DH and I had a lovely dinner last night at Brio. We ate outside on the patio in the evening. It was so nice. I even had coffee. I am making myself crazy over the weather. I hate that I work in a dark cubical all day. Not to mention, it so cold in my office I have to wear long sleeves and use my [illegal] space heater. I edited a report outside on the grass the other day and today I ate my lunch outside under a tree and then read a book. Bugs got on me and I didn't even care.

Every day I see how nice it is and I say to myself “I want to do something outside.” By the time I get home at night it's dark and the day has past me by. I also have this forced urge to do something fun. I can’t even pinpoint what that fun would be. It’s like I want fun to just fall in my lap and until it does I am just annoyed. The annoyed with fun part is what makes me think it’s just my impending menstruation not a true pursuit of happiness. Yesterday, I had to go to teacher orientation for Hebrew school. I looked outside and thought to myself, “I refuse to go to temple today. I will go to the pool.” Then I pictured myself tanning in the sun for hours, got dressed and went to temple.

Today I tried to brainstorm some fun. This is the list I came up with:
Go to Kings Island or Cedar Point [too bad they’re expensive and I barf after 4 coasters]
Go hiking at Old Man’s Cave [fun, but far]
Go to the pool
Have drinks outside on a patio
Horseback riding [no horses]
Ride bikes on a bike path [we don’t own bikes]
Walk the dog [no dog either, however I did tell my cat I might walk her yesterday]
Frolic outside [this sounds fun in theory, but in actuality…it's just weird]
Go on vacation [since we just got back and have no money, this won’t work]
Skip work [although this sounds fun, I don’t have much vacation left and getting fired would suck]
Punch someone in the face, outside. [don’t ask why I would want to do this]

This is the nicest August weather I can remember and I’m just really happy we ate dinner outside last night. I hope the fun comes rolling in soon. Wish me luck.


KJ said...

Awww, Old Man's Cave! We used to go there every Easter.

Heidi said...

I think Friday night we should eat dinner outside, drink outside, and punch someone in the face outside. I feel sorry for that someone. Maybe we can meet those medical school bee-otch-es outside.

Jennie! said...

I love punching people in the face. No, actually, I'd rather kick them.

Tam said...

Heidi, that sounds perfect!

jennie, hmm kicking might work too, didn't think about that...