Friday, June 13, 2008

My boyfriend's back and I'm gonna be in trouble

FI is done with the boards and I now have my boyfriend/FI/Future Husband/Friend/Lover back. He is slowly adjusting back into real life, this will take some time. I might even have to show him how to use his beloved vacuum again. But last night, after the exam – he was definitely a changed guy. No more of the nerdy zombie I’ve been living with for the past four weeks or so.

I actually gave him a full 24 hours before he was required to dive in head first into the tsunami that is our wedding – but alas – he has already started [and called me 25 times at work today]. We are picking our menu for the rehearsal tonight and meeting with the organist for the ceremony music. Yes internets, I think our marriage will be safe and in three short weeks we will become man and wife. Well he is already a man – but I will be a wify.

We get to sleep in together for the first time in a long time tomorrow. I can’t wait! Oh and then we are going to pick out chairs for the reception – chairs people?! You have to pick chairs! Take it from one of THE MOST indecisive people on the planet: Weddings=Decisions. It must be a life test that the industry thought up, because by the time you’re done with all of this picking and choosing, baby names or school districts will seem like a piece of [wedding] cake! Happy Weekend!


Jennie! said...

I hope you picked chairs we can lift up.

Heidi said...

Seriously...I'm so excited for that part. Also, I'm excited to see Jeremy smash a glass.