Thursday, June 12, 2008

The sensory receptor is broken, you can try the backdoor.

This has been a crazy week. I picked my dress up from my [very Philippinio] seamstress Tuesday only to find out she had botched the job. Yes, you heard me correctly, my most coveted gown, she screwed it up. She was supposed to add a simple bustle to the back… instead added a b-dazzled pearly bustle. UM DO YOU KNOW WHY THERE ISN’T A SINGLE BEAD ON MY DRESS…. BECAUSE I HATE THEM! Then, and worse yet, she totally f’ed the back where she was supposed to take it out 1/2 inch at the top of the zipper! It looks like she stapled a “V” into the zipper! What?! I thought alterations were to be completely UNNOTICABLE! F, F, F and when I asked her why she added a b-dazzly bustle she said, “oh soooo pretty.” That’s all she said! And when I asked her why the back looked like shit she said, “no, no that what supposed to look like, good, it good. ” No ma’am, it's not GOOD IT GOOD, IT BAD, IT BAD!! So after getting nowhere with her, I spent $136 to have my dress F’ed. I now have to bring it to some nice little American lady this evening to see if she can fix it... in english. THEN, my dress was bought off another bride, so it needs cleaned. The cleaning company cannot take my dress until June 23 and well get it back to me on JULY 1ST! That’s cutting it close people! So although I have spent the last 48 hours in near tears, I regress. It is only a dress. No one but me will notice the Philippino shit job and hey, July 1st is better than July 5th right? Sigh.

I have filled almost every night between now and the wedding with appointments, and I approved the final copy of the program yesterday [man was that a bitch to write]. Now all I have to do is finish the other 199 things on my list and convince Bax and Heidi to come over and help me assemble, hole punch, and ribbon the programs. I have wine girls; you just can’t drink it near my programs.

In other news, FI takes the boards today [correction: Is taking them as we speak]. Last night he asked me if I had something special planned for him, “this is a really big deal for me, and for us”. SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. I consider myself a very thoughtful person, but with a boss on my ass at work, on top of the wedding drama, ALL of my thought receptors a full – I spend most of my days trying not to cry and pound my fists in the wall. The specialness of this milestone indeed slipped my mind. Granted, every time I’ve planned something special for him he’s totally unenthused [like the surprise bday party I threw for him and it took him an hour to figure out why all of his friends were eating at the same place we were] but he was right, I should have planned something. I should plan something! I need to find a happy hour, hire a clown, get some fireworks, and ask the band to learn our song, “Drift Away” by Uncle Kracker. Why is this our song? I have no idea, it just is. But alas, I am at work, have to get that damn dress fixed tonight and I don’t know any clowns. I think I can find a happy hour and convince some people to join us. I’ll even be the DD. This IS a special milestone, I can’t even express it with a party or a card – I am SO PROUD of him and all of his hard work – I will have to wear something extra slutty to bed tonight… that'll do it!


Jennie! said...

One word: LEMONADE.

KJ said...

For what it's worth, he is NOT going to want to do anything requiring energy or focus tonight. Maybe he is made of energy, and I am wrong, but we were surprised how dead we were afterwards.

We thought we wanted to celebrate. We made reservations at our most favorite, fanciest restaurant the night of the boards. Then, we proceeded to stare blankly at each other and barely taste the food we were eating (there were 6 of us at the table - 5 had just taken the boards). This time (Step 2) were planning to grab a pizza and watch Iron Chef or something requiring a similar amount of brain power.

Anyway...hope the day turns out well (in many ways)!