Thursday, June 5, 2008

All of this because two people fell in love

[another blog about wedding reflection] Planning a wedding makes you look at things through a different lens. BE [before engagement], when I went to a wedding all I looked at was whether or not the groom cried [pussy!] and if they had some kind of wine other than chardonnay [eww!]. Now that I have my bride goggles on, I see things like chivari chairs, table numbers, program layouts, mantilla veils and font styles. I also see dollar signs attached to almost everything – like little mental price tags. I have to stop myself from saying things like “I liked the glass chargers at the rehearsal dinner, you probably spent over $8 each to rent those.” Or “Wow, that Reem Acra dress costs as much as my car and you look kinda blah in it.” I could seriously play on The Price is Right 'wedding edition' and win the showcase showdown by a landslide [which will hopefully include a trip around the world and not a pop-up camper].

We went to a wedding in San Francisco a few weeks ago and many of the brides-to-be [wealthy I’d assume] were telling me how they just couldn’t help but notice the lighting patterns. I guess if I could afford lighting patterns, I might notice them, same with expensive purses. However, Vera Bradley and natural lighting [not to be confused with natural light – we’re not that bad off] are just my style. To tell you the truth I have bargained my way through the last 11 months of wedding planning and there is nothing that we’ve pictured in ‘our dream wedding’ [aka mine that FI likes to be included in] that we don’t have. The limo guy we hired is questionable, but worst case scenario- we car pool to the reception.

My FMIL told me last night that we have handled the whole wedding planning drama with grace [adding that she is a pastor and has LOTS of means for comparison]. I think that translates into “you were not an insufferable bitch over the last year” or “you’ve managed not to piss us off so far so keep it up!” Either way, I am glad I have not shown my bridal fangs to anyone but you internets, and you’re forgiving. Well you and FI, he has seen them a few times but then I showed him something else to make up for it. But at the end of the day, no matter how much money you have, or where your wedding is held: two people are married, people are fed, people drink alcohol, people dance and eat cake and everyone goes home and has sex. And maybe someone will be bored, and maybe someone will be moved to tears by the vows [maybe even FI!], and maybe [god forbid] someone will get the squirts from the BBQ food that was left out a little too long – but those are big MAYBEs and I can deal with maybe.


Jennie! said...

So what you're saying is, everyone who comes to your wedding is going to have sex when they get home? Because I don't feel that way about Heidi.

Heidi said...

I don't feel that way about her either. Also, I will probably cry because I'm such a girl at weddings.

Tam said...

Jennie - weddings are magical. nuff said.

heidi - As opposed to other events where you are not a girl?

KJ said...

I also plan to make with the crying, as it is unavoidable.

Also, I take this post to mean that if there is white wine, it will not be Chardonnay. I celebrate this.

Tam said...

I think chardonnay is sick - and if it is offered, there WILL be another choice.