Tuesday, May 27, 2008

jet lagged and well it's tuesday

Hello internets, we are back from California. You might think when someone goes from Ohio to California that they experienced warm weather. The answer to this assumption is no, when visiting San Francisco. Like most Midwest tourists on my first trip to San Fran I left with a beautiful green sweatshirt that read: San Francisco. Apparently the sweatshirt business is great there, because well, the weather is not. This time I came prepared with sweaters and my northface jacket - I was warm. Oh and I brought my good shoes - because there is a lot of walking there!

We had a wonderful trip, went to a *special place*, saw great friends and I even managed not to curse at FI's bitchy aunt. So much to tell and I cannot wait to highlight it for you, however, I have to travel for work today. Yes, we got home at 11pm last night and now I have to drive to rural Toledo to interview drug users today and tomorrow. I hate my job today and tomorrow.

So the suspense continues for you dear readers. Oh and by the way... our wedding is in 38 days and no... the invitations still aren't out yet :)


KJ said...

I bet I know what the special place is.

Tam said...

they are small and tasty.