Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sometimes your lunch might surprise you

Today, FI and I had our lunch date. And much to my surprise, I reached into my bag of carrots [not tricks] and pulled out a nugget. The carrots are already the midget kind [seriously how do they get like that?] and this little fella just popped right out. Now mind you, it was NOT just a piece of carrot, he was an entire carrot in himself with a front butt and a back butt. I wanted to name him Percival, but since Jennie named her imaginary penguin that, I was at a loss for names. If it was winter I would build a premature baby snowman and this little carrot would be the nose [or the penis if it was a boy snowbaby]. So with no name and no snow, my lunch culminated with my consumption of said carrot and of course that was the end.

It was so cute I made FI take a picture of it with his camera phone and I placed a piece of macNCheeze next to it for comparison [although the carrot is way cuter than the noodle]

This made me smile today, I hope it makes you smile [and if it doesn't you might be a heartless bastard who probably needs counseling, or maybe you just don't like carrots]


Jennie! said...

Maybe you could name him Herbert. And call him Herbie.

Tam said...

I ate him already!