Friday, March 28, 2008

Idol talks smack

I heard today Bradgelina is going to get 10 million dollars for pictures of their forth coming spawn. I think this is totally ridonkulous. Although, the couple claims to have donated the cash from the Shilo shots to charity I think this is all crapola. How do we know they actually donated that money? How is it that the Centers for Disease Control can’t even put that much money into cancer and People Magazine can plop it down for Angie and her big-lipped babies [I’ve heard a rumor this one is twins and I bet they will each be born in a different god for saken country- delivered the best American doctor Angie can buy- of course.] These people are adulterers for shit sakes!!

Here’s another mind blower – when FI and I were in rural Kentucky some of the people there were telling us that American Idol visited there last year as part of their “Idol Gives Back” project. Apparently Ryan and Simon were able to stop cuddling long enough to kiss some babies and shed some light on an underserved area of our country. Whatever, it’s totally a publicity stunt. But here’s the kicker - the people were telling us they STILL have not received the check that Idol promised them almost a year ago!! How f-ed up is that?? Embarrassingly enough, FI and I do watch Idol, although we think this season royally sucks [sick of watching Simon and Paula rim-job the tattoo girl everytime she opens her mouth] I've decided I want to call in during Ryan’s live question and answer session and be like, “I have two questions: First, Simon why is your chest slimy on TV and Second, [more importantly] why does your show pretend to care about poor people, take America’s money, and then not GIVE IT BACK?” I suggest your next bull-shit-a-thon be called “Idol takes people's money” I hope everyone saw the clip where they showed Elliot Yamin giving mosquito nets to people.I was touched until the end when they were like “because of your money we were able to donate a million mosquito nets” WHAT? Didn’t you raise like a b-zillion dollars? Don’t those nets cost like a dime each [if that]? What about the rest of the $999,999,999? You guys SUCk!

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