Monday, February 25, 2008

sometimes I just want to cuddle

For the last two weekends I kept telling myself I was going to clean the bathroom. I know I’m a psycho and as I told you previously my weekends have been minimalized to working extensions of the regular 9-5 with shit chores built in.

This weekend was different. For one we got a snow day on Friday (FI and me BOTH) – last time it was like on a Tuesday and although I like Tuesdays, I totally heart three-day-weekends. Best of all FI took the entire day off from studying!! We played Wii – ALL DAY. We really wanted to beat this game, Rayman Raving Rabbids. It has psychotic little bunnies and you shoot them with plungers or slap them in the face. In one mode they are taking a noisy a dump in a toilet and you have to like slam the stall door on them or something. It’s seriously the most f’ed up game and the person who wrote it had to be trippin’ on some acid-X-heroin-boones farm mixture ["I hear that snow peak peach is actually the best flavor of boone's"] The good news is we beat it. FI bought the second edition on Sunday – we stayed up last night until midnight to pass some of those levels too.

I do feel bad about one thing… I confess I cancelled plans with my bitches on Saturday night. I straight up played BRO'S BEFORE HOE'S and although I did have a good excuse – I totally owe my girls a drink. Oh and p.s. my bathroom is a total wreck... maybe next weekend.

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