Monday, February 18, 2008

damn meat-packers

Man the news is full of grim reports this Monday morning. The horrible aftermath of the Illinois shooting, gas prices up above $3 per gallon and Nancy Regan fell and she can’t get up! But I must say after coming across one particular report I want to join PETA and hug every crazy vegan I know! Video footage taken by The U.S. Humane Society spurred a national investigation into the meat-packing industry today and the recall of 143.4 million pounds of beef. The video shows “downed” cows, cows too sick or injured to walk, being brought to slaughter by forklifts, kicked, pulled by cranes. Apparently this also puts the meat at risk for contamination, since apparently these cows are lying in cesspools of their own pooh. It is the most horrible thing. I know I let naïveté dictate my pipe dream that the animals I eat are treated nicely on their journey to my plate, but watching stuff like that makes me want to puke up every big mac I've ever eaten.

So when I see things like this, my first thought its “I will go back to being a vegetarian”. But I then I think about it further and know that in order to separate myself from these atrocities all together I would have to become a full vegan. So I cut out beef, big deal – you think chickens like being caged with 20 friends while being hyped up on hormones to drop ungodly amounts of eggs? I would have to stop wearing leather shoes, stop eating J-e-l-l-o and would have next to nothing to squirt my favorite red condiment on. There’s a reason Heinz doesn’t make salad dressings! So the moral of the story is I have no idea what to do and I want that guy in the video who is kicking the cow in the face to be subject to waterboarding [hehe]. I think that meat-packer is a total a-hole, and I usually *love* the meat-packers.

Watch the video, raise awareness, buy free-range chicken and donate money to the Humane Society so they can continue to candid-camera their ass! Cheers.

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Heidi said...

I agree. That person you saw on the video supplies meat to the company I work for and they are no longer doing business with them because of the way they treat the animals. On the good side, I'm sure this plant is out of business now. I wish I liked more vegetables and could stray away from the meat side.