Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm famous! Now will somebody bring me some mint water?

Happy weekend friends! I'm busy getting ready to watch the OSU vs. Michigan game (GO BUCKS!)

Pam Beesly: Yeah! I love being on the road, but I especially love the time-and-a-half pay, twenty-four hours a day for three days. 'Cause, I have a mortgage now! Gotta bring home the bucks!

Michael Scott: Yea-oh don't say BUCKS, that's not lady-like.

ALSO, I was honored to blog over at Our Little Apartment today. Ashley rocks so hard and we're both Ohio girls so it was so nice of her to let me share my crazy over in her neck of the woods.

Check me out!

Seriously - go do it.


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Mandy said...

Hey Tam! I read your guest post on Ashley's blog today, and immediately came to see your blog. I love it! Just thought I'd let you know. :-)