Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There's something facinating about watching conjoined twins shave

Summer is reason enough to cancel the cable, there’s plenty to do outside and your favorite shows are on hiatus while the stars flaunt their bikini bodies in Los Cabos.

...that is, unless you are ME and you indulge in trashy television year-round. TLC re-runs of “Help! I peed out my baby” can keep me entertained when nothing else is palpable. You can’t watch quality shows like that without cable people. Current fave: Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood. This coming from the girl who actually CRIED during the last episode of 90210 and owned both seasons of Nick and Jessica on DVD… it’s really no surprise that this show appeals to me. Tori’s GAY BEST FRIENDS (aka: “husbands” or “guncles”) totally rock and remind me of my Scott. Her daughter Stella (aka: “bug”) is cute enough to eat WITH A SPOON and he naughty son Liam (aka: “Monkey”) helps me to justify why beating a child every once in a while might actually be okay. He husband adores her and she has a totally dysfunctional relationship with her crazy mom. Who wouldn’t like this show? Granted she dramatizes motherhood like none other and acts like she deserves a medal for just managing to get two kids in their car seats – but I’m sure it’s tough being a celebrity. I mean, I think we normal people have extra genes that they aren’t privy to.

But this week, I’m clearing the steamy episodes of The Tudors and new episodes of T&D off my DVR to make room for my ultimate summer indulgence. BIG.BROTHER. Judge me now people because this show is awesome! I’ve seriously watched it EVERY summer and it gives me something to look forward to THREE TIMES A WEEK! Oh Julie Chen, you are entirely too skinny and whoever wrecks havoc on your wardrobe for, well everything, needs to be fired. But I love the bitchyness, the carefully choreographed blanket make out sessions, the slop-eating drama, the token “oldie”, the shrinking table, the dirty nights in the hot tub…I could go on and on and on. I’ve even kept my Showtime subscription long after The Tudors season 3 to watch BB After Dark. I have a lot of time on my hands and with a pretty uneventful life; Big Brother is where it’s at.

I might even have to subscribe to live feeds from Mexico.

And if after reading this post you have lost all respect for me. Well, then you haven’t been reading this blog very long.

Then end.


Jennie! said...

I pass no judgement. Although I didn't watch last summer, I was glued to the TV during The Summer of Kaysar.

Anonymous said...

By "Help! I peed out my baby!" are you referring to that show "I didn't know I was Pregnant?" Because that show is like crack.

jenn.j said...

I'm right there with ya...love, love, love Tori & Dean. Another good reality show is Bridezilla. It's like watching a car crash, awful but you just keep watching...

Tam said...

narfa - YES! omg that show is awful! They never even look in the TOILET!

Heidi said...

I got hooked on Tori & Dean this weekend at home because Bax and I don't have Oxygen in our little apt. I'm obsessed now.

Also, I'm SO EXCITED Big Brother starts next week! This is the thing I look forward to most in the summer. It's a close tie with Mexico at this point.