Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Five things.

meme courtesy of Mermanda via Brandy. Because I'm lazy.

I can
Bike 20 miles without breaking a sweat
Do my job and do it well
Find awesome deals
Talk for hours

I won’t
Watch John & Kate plus 8
Apologize for my strong will
Eat cheese on my salad
Get another tattoo
Cut my hair

I will
Find curtains with yellow print for the guest room
Go to Mexico and not think about work
Work on my career goals
Clean out my car
Read more

I should
Keep my mouth shut when I’m mad
Love on my cat more
Exercise EVERY day
Study for the GRE
Be thankful

I shouldn’t
Go out for ice cream so much
Contemplate stealing babies
Stalk people on Facebook
Produce so much garbage
Hate on republicans


Mermanda said...

Re: Yellow print curtains:

Mermanda said...

And b/c that link copied so well... hahaha.... just look at anthnropologie's web site for curtains. kthxbai.