Monday, May 11, 2009

Subtle hints didn't work

I love to share my blog with the internets and in turn make friends and learn things about people. I have been enamoured with the blogging community and it's role in today's media and societal relations and am thrilled to be a part of it.

That being said, I think there is a limit to what we is shared and read on the internet. For some time now there have been hits on my sidebar from Thailand. I love that my blog has international readership but those hits have become increasingly frequent and include multiple searches for things like "sex". If you are looking for material like that, you have come to the wrong place and are not welcome as part of this readership.

I understand blogging is a public forum and in turn need to decide how I would like to proceed.

Should I password protect my blog and make it harder for people who are actually connected with me to read my thoughts in an effort to limit someone who is spending entirely too much time on my blog and searching for inappropriate things?

Should I make a "no perverts" pact with my readers?

Should I stop blogging all together and go back to writing in my pink Hello Kitty journal from the sixth grade?

Any comments/suggestions/thoughts would be great. Particularly from Bankok, Krung Thep.


Jennie! said...

The perverts will find a way back. Once someone found my blog by Googling "accidental butt sex." I chose to ignore it. Well, first I laughed really hard about it, but then I ignored it.

Ashley said...

I get the same thing on my blog as well; I think it just comes with having an open site on the internet. I'd say definitely keep blogging and re-evaluate if you start getting creepy e-mails!

Mermanda said...

Don't leave! Sorry that creep hasn't taken the hint.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry that you have been getting pervy web searches. I don't know what you were using to monitor your stats but did you notice if they stuck around your site long? I know my pervs usually last less than a minute so I just choose to look the other way... and censor my posts. Good luck with the pervs...!