Friday, April 24, 2009

She will smell it on my breath, I tell you!

Today I made some memories with my birthday grandpa and I thanked my lucky stars a million times over for them. He almost started to cry when I walked in today - beautiful surprise!

He told me how he overdosed on Peeps on Easter and was too sugar-drunk to make it to dinner..."I ate a whole row!"

I brought him a Sonic malt which reminded him -- he wanted Wendy's for lunch.

We ate together at Wendy's and we watched his chicken nugget take a swim in the chili. "Wow, I can't believe I ate all five of them" - he told me.

Then he bribed me to take him to the dollar store so he could get a puzzle. He may or may not have farted in aisle two [damn chili] and then I found him, puzzle in hand, staring at the gum and candy bars. "I need dessert"(apparently, frostys don't count as dessert). Since grandma told me not to let him have any candy he had to inhale the full-sized peppermint patty he bought. Afterwards, he says "I think it was stale" I told him I don't know how he would know because he barely chewed it. Then we decided to join mom and grandma in another store, "She's gonna smell it on my breath.." he said, "I just know it."

We spent the rest of the day snacking, laughing and hanging out with family. At one point he says, "I am the luckiest guy in the whole wide world."

I just has to laugh out loud when after watching Grey's Anatomy he says... "That didn't look a thing like Walker Texas Ranger!"

It's late and I gotta go to bed -- I have a date in the morning at 8:15am sharp to feed the fish and the turtles. I can't wait.

Keep praying for us - tomorrow's the big day.

Love to grandpa!

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