Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you're a stalker, please leave a message. BEEP!

Thoughts for TA-day:

I'm glad my husband doesn't smell like cheese

I'm glad my husband isn't the kind of medical student who kills people

I'm glad my husband bought me that SLR camera because I think photography is awesome!

Also, Skyping with my husband is an incredible turn on...even when he's in the next room :)

Thoughts for TA-morrow:

I will be taking a short break from blogger for a while. Maybe two weeks - maybe a day, but definitely longer than a day. Probably. I hope.

I've noticed my blog traffic has picked up lately (yay!) - yet my comments have not (boo!) I would like to invite all of you shy stalker people out there to leave a message. I always like to meet new people and read interesting blogs. Perhaps you have one of your own? Also, you can see from the map in the sidebar there has even been some INTERNATIONAL traffic. Whuzup witchoo?

(photo, Busted Tees)

Holla Back? Aight?



ohioana said...

As your original stalker, I would like to say that I've tried to leave comments at least twice only to have them deleted after I enter the crazy character word at the bottom of the comment window. I never bother retyping them, so you may never know this at all.

me said...

hi. through Collective.
Been prayin for your grandpa, so at least I'm a useful stalker!


me said...

and...me=sarah g. my computer is bonkers..

jenn.j said...

I confess! I found your blog while searching for 4th of July wedding stuff (I'm getting married July 3rd, 2010) and have been hooked every since :) Keep up the good work! Love your blog :)